Huntin’ Gators on the Geaux #2: Gris Gris Gator

Gris Gris Gator | The second Gator on the Geaux we have found in Lake Charles, Louisiana! |


Look at our latest gator find! It’s Gris Gris Gator!! When we first started researching and looking for Gators on the Geaux we found a picture of this voodoo lady gator, and we were crossing our fingers she was still around somewhere! Then, on a misty night, we loaded up in Myron’s truck with Jacob (my husband), and the four of us headed out to Lake Charles to find as many gators as we could!

Thanks to one of the friendly staff members at the Southwest Louisiana Convention and Visitors’ Bureau, we actually had a map with the names and locations of about 70 Gators on the Geaux. Unfortunately, many are no longer in their original spots, so most of the huntin’ was creeping around downtown Lake Charles and shouting when we saw the outline of one in the dark!

We were heading down Pujo street, and there she was!! I got Myron to pull over, and we were so excited it was her! She resides on the side of whatever building (we were way too amped up to look at what the business was inside the building) at 518 Pujo street in downtown Lake Charles. There is a perfectly positioned spotlight on her, so she looks extra eerie in the dark!


Gris Gris Gator | Huntin' for Gators on the Geaux at

She wasn’t our only find that night, so keep watching to find out the other gators we visited that night!


See Gator #1 here!

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