Bilbo Cemetery & the Millennium Statue

The Millennium Statue in Bilbo Cemetery in Lake Charles, Louisiana |

Our favorite way to find new and exciting ideas for the blog is to just drive around and see where the city brings us! This is how we discovered the amazing Millennium Statue of Jesus Christ. Once we spotted it through the trees, we had to get a closer look!Bilbo Cemetery in Lake Charles, Louisiana |

The statue is in Bilbo Cemetery on North Lakeshore Drive, situated off to the side of the Lake Promenade. Unfortunately the cemetery itself is rundown and un-kept with long grass and weeds and part of the fence knocked down and even leaning on a tomb, but none of this took away from the beauty of the statue.The grave of John Jacob Ryan, "Father of Lake Charles," in the Bilbo Cemetery in Lake Charles, Louisiana |

It is made of bronze and is fifteen feet tall and is atop an eight foot Labrador green granite base. With a bit of research we discovered the actual name of the statue is “Jesus Christ Our Citizen of the Centuries” and was actually sculpted by a descendant of someone important to Lake Charles and laid to rest in that very cemetery, John Jacob Ryan, Jr., the “Father of Lake Charles!” This artist is Janie Stine Lacroix, and she is from Sulphur.

The Millennium Statue in Bilbo Cemetery in Lake Charles, Louisiana |

Bilbo Cemetery and the Millennium Statue are definite must-see spots! We hope that the cemetery will soon be fixed up to match the greatness of the statue itself!


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