Huntin’ Gators on the Geaux: The Phoenix Building Gator

Huntin' Gators on the Geaux: The Phoenix Building Gator |

This Gator on the Geaux sits in the balcony of The Phoenix Building at 949 Ryan Street in downtown Lake Charles. We wish we could have gotten closer view! Although we don’t know his official name or the artist behind him (comment below if you do!), he is decked out in a tux and looking quite dapper up there.Huntin' Gators on the Geaux: The Phoenix Building Gator |

By the way, do you know about the history of The Phoenix Building? It was built to memorialize the fire of 1910 that ravaged Lake Charles and to celebrate the great architecture that emerged when the city was rebuilt. We have put the restaurant that is housed on the bottom floor, aptly named 1910, on our list of places to try!

If you know anything more about this Gator on the Geaux or know of another one we need to hunt down please comment below or e-mail us at

Keep smiling!Lexi

4 thoughts on “Huntin’ Gators on the Geaux: The Phoenix Building Gator

  1. Rick Richard

    Thanks for the beautiful photos and comments about our building and Gator. We commissioned the owner of Dago’s paint and body to paint the gator as “Putting on the Ritz”. The gator originally stood on the lower roof of the historic Calcasieu Marine National Bank (corner of Ryan and Pujo). He symbolized the formal weddings, etc which were held there. He was moved to the Phoenix Bldg in 2015. We will try to find the name of the artist. His use of auto paint is brilliant.
    Thank you—-Donna & Rick Richard
    Empire of the Seed

    1. bonveillercher Post author

      Thank you so much! It’s so nice to be able to put a name to the gator and mark him off our list. We are very eager to find out anything more about him, so please keep us updated!

      1. Anonymous

        They still have weddings and events in building and courtyard and inside is the home of Pops and Rockets and Botskys premium hotdogs in the warehouse attached. We have four more gators three dressed and one looking for some clothes. All of them support the Lake Charles Symphony where we can all “listen locally”.

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