Bayou Treasures: Saving the Heywood Building

Bayou Treasures: Saving the Heywood Building |

Have you heard about the Heywood Building? Its fate has been causing a ruckus in Jennings, Louisiana, for the past couple of years. Originally built in the early 1900’s, the building is one of the few remaining from this era left in Jennings.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Dusty Chaisson, one of the individuals behind the project as well as the editor and publisher of the Jennings Rearview and the Events Coordinator for the Jennings Industrial Board, who gave us an amazing in-depth history and plan for the Heywood Building. We are saving that for a more extensive post though! First we wanted to let you all know about the Save the Heywood project and how YOU can help!

Bayou Treasures: Saving the Heywood Building |

The most recent owners of the building donated it to the Jeff Davis Arts Council (JDAC) which is a non-profit organization focused on providing arts-based entertainment and education to the community, and they have decided to use donations to turn it into a space for public use! They’re talking about sitting areas and free wi-fi as well as using the space for exhibits ranging from historical artifacts and private collections to art and productions (anyone interested in some stand-up comedy shows?!). The top floor will provide a much needed office space for the JDAC, too! In the two colored photos you can see construction has already begun!

So what can YOU do to help keep the project going and impact the community of Jennings?! Well a simple jump over to will provide you with an online way to donate as well as an address to send donations to. Plus, if you donate enough, you could get a t-shirt or an actual piece of the Heywood itself!

If money isn’t a possibility for you or you’d like to do even more to help, spread the word! Take to social media platforms and word of mouth to keep the campaign alive and the movement going strong! Also, be alert for volunteer opportunities!! Thanks to the lovely volunteers after one of the walls collapsed, clean-up was quick and cheap! (10)

So please stay tuned to the story as we continue to help Save the Heywood!!

Keep smiling!Lexi

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