Bayou Treasures: The Sallier Oak

Bayou Treasures: The Sallier Oak |

If only trees could talk!! This beauty is over 375 years old and is on the registry of the Live Oak Society of Louisiana. It stands behind the Imperial Calcasieu Museum and on the site of Charles Sallier’s winter home. Charles Sallier is Lake Charles’s namesake!

Bayou Treasures: The Sallier Oak |

The tree is so massive; it’s a living miracle! Time has done nothing but strengthened this giant.

With the summer heat beating down on us, you should definitely take a day to explore the Imperial Calcasieu Museum, and before you leave venture out the back door to take in the Sallier Oak. It’s located at 204 West Sallier Street in Lake Charles, Louisiana. For more info on the museum check out the post we did about them last year here. To read more about the museum and the Sallier Oak click through to the museum’s website at

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