Fearless Finds: Bird City

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If you read a recent post of ours (click here to catch up!) then you know we love exploring Jungle Gardens! One of our favorite spots though is Bird City.

bonveillercher.com (11)The amazing beginnings of Bird City is what really got me excited about it all. The founder of Jungle Gardens, E. A. McIlhenny, started this rookery in the 1890’s to combat local poachers using feathers for hats. He began with just eight baby snowy egrets! When it was time to migrate in the fall, he let them fly; six returned in the spring! And they brought their mates!

Now each year thousands of snowy egrets make their way to Southwest Louisiana each year to nest and raise their young. There is an ideal lookout for visitors to watch the birds, and it’s truly an amazing sight! Its proof what impact a single person can truly have on the world!

For more information about Bird City and Jungle Gardens itself go to junglegardens.org. There you will find hours, attractions, tours, and prices! It’s a great way to spend a sunny summer day as you can drive through in your vehicle, stay in the air conditioning, and make a few quick treks for up-close views! Plus the photo ops are endless!

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Do you have a favorite spot at Jungle Gardens? Please share it with us in a comment below!

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