A fun & unique Mother’s Day gift: Painting with a Twist!

Painting with a Twist | The Pelican Girls

If you’re looking for a fun and unique gift for your mom this Mother’s Day, we have a great suggestion: Painting with a Twist! How can you turn down a painting lesson where you just show up, bring some drinks and snacks (alcohol is allowed!), and paint!? The great staff sets everything up for you! You’ll have the canvas, paints, and brushes just waiting for you and your mom. Then they walk you through the steps to paint a beautiful work of art.

A few years ago I (Lexi) took my mom, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law to Painting with a Twist as their Mother’s Day presents, and it was a huge hit! I love giving experiences as gifts, and this one is so much fun to share with them. However, if this doesn’t sound like your thing, you can give them a gift card!

We have a full blog post about PWAT, so check that out HERE if you want more information.

Also, go to their site HERE to order a gift card or reserve you and your mom’s spots for an upcoming painting!

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