Burlap and Beauxs Application


We hope y’all are as excited about our upcoming show as we are! Thanks for stopping by!

Burlap & Beauxs Christmas Market
December 4: 12pm to 6pm
December 5: 9am to 6pm
December 6: 10am to 2pm

Iowa Outlet Mall, Iowa, Louisiana

10″x10″ booth – $120
Table-Only Option – $80 *everything must fit on a 6 ft table (that you provide) NICELY, no more than 2 chairs (that you provide), & absolutely nothing on the floor around the booth* LIMITED TABLE-ONLY OPTIONS

We have learned so much from our previous (almost) 4 markets! Experience is a great teacher, and we have received amazing advice and feedback from both customers and vendors.So we have updated our rules and application instructions to help us provide the best market environment for everyone involved: vendors, customers, and us.

Please keep in mind, there are only 2 of us behind Magnolia Town Market. We are fortunate enough to have some amazing young ladies to help us out right before, during, and after the market, but the bulk of everything we do and provide comes from JUST US! Plus we each have jobs, families, and other commitments.

The goal of each of our Magnolia Town Market events is to establish an upscale shopping experience curated to provide our customers with a variety of high quality products to purchase. Our aim is to always provide a positive overall experience with a collection of vendors that, while unique, compliment one another.

We are looking for handmade, repurposed, vintage, gift items, women’s items, & more!

If you’re unsure if your booth fits in or if we already have enough vendors in that category, JUST SEND IN YOUR APP! This makes things so much easier for us than fielding questions on Facebook. (Remember just 2 of us!)

PHOTOS ARE REQUIRED. We need to see all types of products, packaging, and how they are displayed. SEND US PHOTOS OF WHAT YOU WILL BE BRINGING TO THE MARKET. Please, be specific, make sure they are clear, and the products, displays, etc. are easily distinguishable. Attention to detail is key. Vendor applications are not complete without photos, and we will not consider any incomplete applications.

A few rules & expectations:

– Reading & following directions is the NUMBER ONE request we have of everyone. If we ask for you to e-mail or Facebook message us, and you comment, it makes it VERY difficult for us to keep up. PLEASE try your best to thoroughly read all posts and instructions we provide and follow accordingly.

– We are working to provide an upscale, boutique style market. Plan to set-up and decorate your booth to blend into this environment! If you’re wondering what this entails, please see photos and posts on our Magnolia Town Market Facebook page.

– Booth availability is on a first come, first pay basis.- We reserve the right to place you wherever we deem fit. This includes any of the rooms/stores AND the hall. Placing booths & vendors is a task that takes a great deal of time & effort to ensure the best experience for everyone. Things that will be taken into account when placing booths are as follows: type of products, if a tent will be used, extent of set-up, possibility of selling out, number of tables/displays used, etc. THERE ARE NO BAD BOOTH SPOTS! We take pride in making sure each booth is easily accessible to all customers. There is more than one entrance to the mall, so there is no “first” or “last” room.

– We will not be taking any requests for booth placements. This includes but is not limited to: specific booth spots, corner booths, end caps, against a wall, in this room, next to this person, in a good cell service spot, etc. Please trust us that we will place you in the best spot for your booth set-up, products, and needs, BUT understand that not everyone can have the “best” booth. We wish you could each have a corner booth at the front of the market, but that is simply impossible. We were so inundated with requests during the previous application process that it became impossible to please everyone. PLEASE DO NOT EVEN ASK.

– There is no WiFi available to us, and cell service is very spotty in the mall. While we understand this is a huge inconvenience, we have no control over this. We are working to provide an ATM, but we encourage vendors to tell customers to bring cash.

– Vendors are responsible for ALL products and displays including, but not limited to, tables, chairs, displays, etc.- All vendors must have proper signage (no poster boards or handwritten sign).

– All surfaces must be covered with appropriate floor length covers. No table legs should be visible.

– All storage containers and packaging used to setup and transport your booth and products must be out of sight during business hours.

– Only two persons per each 10’x10’ booth during business hours without speaking with us FIRST.- No children below the age of 13 in booths unless actively working the booth.

– Set up will begin a day or two before the event, dates and times TBD. The location will be secure and locked. There will be ample parking and locations to unload/load everything.- When tearing down and leaving, you MUST CLEAN UP YOUR AREA. This includes bringing trash to the dumpsters. We had an insane amount of trash left in the rooms, stacked beside overflowing trash cans after our last market. Someone left their broken folding chair for us to pick-up. For this market, you will need to be checked out by one of us before leaving to ensure that you have taken all trash to the dumpsters, pulled up the tape marking off your booths, and left a tidy space.

– Tax packets will be provided and representatives from the tax office may be at the market to collect.

– We are not responsible for stolen, lost, or damaged goods.

– No refunds for cancellations.- Payment for booths MUST be received within 7 days of receiving your invoice. We understand things happen, but we can no longer hold booths. Please be ready to pay BEFORE applying. After 7 days your invoice will be deleted, and you will need to contact us for a new one. In that time, other vendors may pay, resulting in the loss of your spot.

– Once you’ve sent in your application, we highly recommend you check your e-mail at least DAILY. This includes your junk folder. If you have not received an e-mail from us within 7 days, then you should contact us to remedy the issue. We will be sending out an E-MAIL to each applicant within 7 days without fail. If you don’t check your e-mail until day 8 causing your invoice to be deleted, we can not guarantee your spot will still be available.


**If you are a vendor who has already applied & paid (carry-overs from the Sunflower Dreams market) & you find that you can not comply with our new rules & expectations, this will be your last chance to pull out for a complete refund.**

Thanks everyone & good luck!! Katrina & Lexi

IF you’ve read through all the above & are ready to apply, just click the following link:


For all the updates, check out our
Magnolia Town Market Facebook page.