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Huntin’ Gators on the Geaux #3: Jesta-Gator

I’m really excited to share the story behind finding this Gator on the Geaux! JestaGator is hanging out just outside the door of Dr. Lee Monlezun, Jr. at 801 Bayou Pines West, right off Lake Street. We found him the night mom and I teamed up with Myron and Jacob to do some nighttime gator Read More

Huntin’ Gators on the Geaux #2: Gris Gris Gator

  Look at our latest gator find! It’s Gris Gris Gator!! When we first started researching and looking for Gators on the Geaux we found a picture of this voodoo lady gator, and we were crossing our fingers she was still around somewhere! Then, on a misty night, we loaded up in Myron’s truck with Read More

Huntin’ for Gators on the Geaux #1

Remember this amazing piece of art we discovered at the Cameron Prairie Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center? Well he’s inspired us to start huntin’ for Gators on the Geaux! Gators on the Geaux is a public art project in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and although many gators have been stolen and/or destroyed, there are still many hanging Read More

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