Hi and welcome to our page!

We are the duo behind The Pelican Girls and Magnolia Town Market!
Lake Arthur Mardi Gras 2020!

I’m Lexi Hagen, and I’ve been having fun with my mom, Katrina Stephens, for over 30 years now! It’s within the 5 years that we have come together to share and spread our passion for all things Louisiana!

Blog Research at Cotten’s Downtown!

What started as a small blog celebrating the culture, landscape, and local businesses of the surrounding areas has grown into a craft & antique business and a platform to support small businesses with Magnolia Town Market.

We love thrifting, antiquing, crafting, re-purposing, and all that jazz, and taking The Pelican Girls offline and selling our goods at craft shows, markets, and festivals has been SO MUCH FUN! We love to find and resell anything Louisiana! My mom gives new life to ANYTHING that will hold paint!! We create custom works, like our Christmas ornaments, to continue the traditions of Cajun culture to future generations. We always have fun together, and any extra money made is lagniappe!

Our booth at the 2019 Mistletoe & Moss event in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

As we continued to grow as The Pelican Girls, we watched, experienced, and learned a great deal about being a vendor and small business. We met so many incredible people along the way, and we wanted a way to give back, use what we had learned to make something better, and be a platform that raises up local businesses. This is where Magnolia Town Market was born.

The brainchild of my mom, Magnolia Town Market had humble beginnings in the local park in Hayes, Louisiana. Outdoors, under a pavilion, and in the grass, we battled weather, parking, and more for two successful craft shows! From our first Christmas show to our first Spring show, we added over 20 new vendors!

2018 Christmas Shoppe – our first show!

Then, coming up on our second Christmas show, we were approached with an amazing opportunity in the form of a new venue, and that’s where everything really took off.

Our 2019 Christmas Shoppe was held at the I-10 Iowa Outlet Mall in Iowa, Louisiana. IT WAS A HUGE SUCCESS!! I will never forget the feeling of gratitude and amazement I had as I stood in the middle of the mall amidst a crowd of happy shoppers. It was insane!

We had done the prep, the legwork, secured incredible vendors, measured, decorated, and planned, planned, planned, BUT there was never a guarantee that people would show up. BUT THEY DID!!

With over 60 vendors ranging from crafts to food to clothes and so much more, we packed the mall parking lot and had two very successful days that were enjoyed by all – vendors, customers, and us! We are so thankful for all the support that made the event so amazing!

Now, we are looking forward to not only more markets, but more events in general! We can’t wait to continue to share with y’all and have fun together!